Homecoming 2017 Registrations

Who has registered for Homecoming, you ask?

First Last   Guest
Doc Benoit UVM’56 ΣΛ24
Dave Blackwood ‘ 90 ΣΛ227 Theda Blackwood
Matt Brooking ’97 ΣΛ381
Barry Buschow ’72 ΣΛ25
Rob Cave ’90 ΣΛ255 Lauren Gay
Mike Cox ’90 ΣΛ233
Scott DuBois ’91 ΣΛ260
Jeff Gilliland ’86 ΣΛ167 Anabell Gilliland
Mike Hendren ’89 ΣΛ217
Donn Irby ’71 ΣΛ11
Sam Long ’75 ΣΛ12 Sylvia Long
Charlie Love ’69 ΣΩΤ
Stephen Mann ’95 ΣΛ336 Dona Mann
Arch Marston ’82 ΣΛ126 Lisa Marston
Joe Mason ’72 ΣΛ20
Tim McDermott ’77 ΣΛ64 Esther McDermott
Mike Moorefield ’73 ΣΛ31 Brenda Moorefield
Dennis Parsons ’81 ΣΛ100 Linda Parsons
Rob Reece ’91 ΣΛ272 Adrienne Link
Jeff Ryan ’89 ΣΛ225 Danny Ryan
Bruce Rogers ’64 ΣΛ250
Matt Saunders ’90 ΣΛ265
Hans Wachtmeister ’89 ΣΛ226
Tom Warburton ’94 ΣΛ318 Sabrina Warburton
Butch Webber ’64 ΣΛ253 Ludi Webber
Mike Whaley ’96 ΣΛ423
Nathan Yingling ’07 ΣΛ521
Kurt Zuch ’90 ΣΛ280

As of: 9:00 pm, 9/19/17

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If you’re are joining us and your name is not on the list, well, that just means we’re not expecting you.

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