2017 Donors

Alumni Support Fund Donors 2017

Jonathan Bruce ’93 ΣΛ283 P
Barry Buschow ’72 ΣΛ25
Phil Caine ’04 ΣΛ481
James E. Carlton ’67 ΣΩΤ
Ken Collins ’82 ΣΛ134
Marty Coyne ’88 ΣΛ190
John Debell ’68 ΣΩΤ  P
Jeff Gilliland ’86 ΣΛ167 S
William J. Harris, Jr. ’67 ΣΛ245
W. Stebbins Hubard, Jr.  ’74 ΣΛ19
Donn Irby ’71 ΣΛ11
Sam Long ’73 ΣΛ12  S
Stephen Mann ’95 ΣΛ336 S
Joe Mason ’72 ΣΛ20
Tim McDermott ’77 ΣΛ64  S
Mike Moorefield ’73 ΣΛ31  G
Sam Parsons ’73 ΙΞ392
Dick Prestwood ’70 ΣΛ23  G
Kenneth Proctor ’00 ΣΛ416
Robert E. Reece ’92 ΣΛ272
Bruce Rogers ’64 ΣΛ250
H. Joel Schmidt ’80 ΣΛ90
Anthony D. Shultz ’81 ΣΛ107
John M. Serumgard ’00 ΣΛ421
Charlie Smith ’79 ΣΛ91  P
Ron Temple ’65 ΣΩΤ
Butch Webber ’64 ΣΛ253 P
Mark Zitz ’82 ΣΛ124

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Giving Levels

Platinum $1,000 or more, denoted by P
Gold $500 to $999, denoted by G
Silver $250 to $499, denoted by S
Dotson $100 to $249