2021 Donors

Alumni Support Fund Donors 2021

Nat Ames ’72 ΣΛ9 D
Chris Balish ’90 ΣΛ231 D
Bob Bragg ’80 ΣΛ88 S
Barry Buschow ’72 ΣΛ25 D
Phillip Caine ’00 ΣΛ244 S
Jim Cole ’65 ΣΩΤ D
Marty Coyne ’88 ΣΛ190 D
John DeBell ’68 ΣΩΤ  G
Randy Earnest ’67 ΣΩΤ  S
David Elliott ’76 ΣΛ40 G
Helen McQueeney Eitt ’69 LS SW P
Stephen Gobrecht ’91 ΣΛ286 D
Charles O. Gordon ’68 ΣΩΤ  D
Donn Irby ’71 ΣΛ11 D
James “JJ” John ’71 ΣΛ4 S
Woody Kessler ’74 ΣΛ30 D
Kevin “Tate” King ’79 ΣΛ94 D
Sam Long ’73 ΣΛ12  S
Richard Markham ’82 ΣΛ112 D
Matt Marshall ’98 ΣΛ420 G
Steve McClaskey ’87 ΣΛ180 D
Tim McDermott ’77 ΣΛ64 S
Jim Monahan ’71 ΣΛ26 S
Mike Moorefield ’73 ΣΛ31 D
Eric Noonkester ’77 ΣΛ65 S
Jim O’Connell ’97 ΣΛ402 D
Patty Parker Vinall ’80 LS
Richard Prestwood ’70 ΣΛ23 G
Kenneth Proctor ’00 ΣΛ416 D
Bruce Rogers ’64 ΣΛ250 S
Matt Saunders ’90 ΣΛ265 P
Joel Schmidt ’80 ΣΛ90 D
John Serumgard ’00 ΣΛ421 D
Mat Spinks’93 ΣΛ301 P
Scott Tidey ’86 ΣΛ169 G
J. Preston Wall ’06 ΣΛ526 D
Tom Ward ’82 ΣΛ114
Tom Warren ’65 ΣΩΤ D
Butch Webber  ’64 ΣΛ253 S
Mark Zitz ’82 ΣΛ124 D
Kurt Zuch ’89 ΣΛ280 P
Anonymous D

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Giving Levels

Platinum $1,000 or more, denoted by P
Gold $500 to $999, denoted by G
Silver $250 to $499, denoted by S
Dotson $100 to $249, denoted by D

LS – Little Sister
SW – Sweetheart