Bart Evans Remembrance

Bart Evans

From Louis Evans – March 9, 2017

For Bart Evans, VT and the very young men who became his Brothers were the essential and profound basis and catapult for who he became as a man.

His passing this year on January 28th coexists with what seems to be this other passing. However, a circle continues and, like the class ring and a wedding ring , becomes stronger with the pounding from a skilled goldsmith.Many of you are the goldsmiths who can dig the ring out of the lake or garden or some forgotten place and pound or even reforge it into it’s once shining self.

Lois Evans
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Butch Webber

Butch Webber ’64 ΣΛ253 received the National Kidney Foundation of Virginia’s Leadership in Business Award on March 9, 2017, recognizing his work in establishing the NKF’s Kidney Car program. The award was presented on World Kidney Day at a gala held at the Richmond Country Club attended by friends and several family members, including Ludi (pictured).


Insurance Savings

Great news! Treasurer Sam Long contacted our insurance agency, reviewed the policy, and negotiated a savings of $1,459.00 for our six month premium! That plus the gifts that several brothers have made recently is great news for our financial health and a demonstration of the dedication of our alumni. Check out the 2017 Donors to the Alumni Support Fund for a current list of supporting brothers!

Here’s Sam in 2008 with Doc celebrating our 50th Anniversary!



Following some discussion, the Alumni Chapter Board of Directors has decided information regarding the closure of the active chapter will only be communicated on this blog or through discussions by email, telephone, or in person with one of the officers. The Board will not post anything, nor respond to anything, posted on any social media platform. Summary information will be included in the next newsletter. The violations for which the chapter was found responsible is summarized in the March 11 Background post.

The Board is eager to maintain good relationships with both the University and the General Fraternity over the next several years and feel public discussions on social media platforms may present barriers toward achieving this goal. The Board also has decided not to circulate either a copy of the University’s investigative report or the Active Chapter’s response.

If you have additional comments or concerns, please submit a question from the form on the Connect link or send an email to one of the Alumni Chapter officers by clicking on their name under the About link.

March 11, 2017 Status

  • The house crew will move out of the house this week when they return from Spring Break. Three brothers have already secured alternative housing. Mike Whaley is working with the fourth brother to find housing.
  • Another fraternity has looked at the house as a rental possibility.
  • The locks on the house have been changed.
  • Ritual manuals and equipment have been secured.
  • Composites and photo albums are in the possession of Tim McDermott.
  • Dotson Cups are in the possession of Sam Long.
  • Renovations will occur over the next 2.5 months.
  • The target date to rent the house is June 1, 2017.