2018 Donors

Alumni Support Fund Donors 2018

Barry Buschow ’72 ΣΛ25 D
John DeBell ’68 ΣΩΤ  G
Jeff Gilliland ’86 ΣΛ167 S
Jim Harvey ’66 ΣΩΤ D
W. Stebbins Hubard, Jr. ’74 ΣΛ19 D
David W. Jones ’73 ΣΛ17 D
Woody Kessler ’74 ΣΛ30 D
Audrey Dotson Lawson D
Joe Kincheloe ’67 ΣΛ247 P
Sam Long ’73 ΣΛ12  G
Richard Markham ’82 ΣΛ112 D
Tim McDermott ’77 ΣΛ64 S
Spud Mistr ’68 ΣΛ248 D
Mike Moorefield ’73 ΣΛ31 G
Wayne Nystrom ’70 ΣΛ249 D
Sam Parsons ’73 ΙΞ392 D
Kenneth Proctor ’00 ΣΛ416 D
Bruce Rogers ’64 ΣΛ250 D
John M. Serumgard ’00 ΣΛ421 D
Anthony Shultz ’81 ΣΛ107 D
Butch Webber  ’64 ΣΛ253 D
Mark Zitz ’82 ΣΛ124 D
Kurt Zuch ’90 ΣΛ280 S

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Giving Levels

Platinum $1,000 or more, denoted by P
Gold $500 to $999, denoted by G
Silver $250 to $499, denoted by S
Dotson $100 to $249, denoted by D