• An American Indian at the grave of his chief

You have merely lost the man. You still have the world in which he lived and which he so enjoyed. You still have its beauty and its loveliness, and you still have the blue skies to which he looked; you have the wind and the rain and the sun and the silvery moon. The stars still will glitter in the skies at night; the corn still will ripen; the deer will roam the forests of your fathers, and the fish will leap in the stream. The Great Spirit has only taken to Him the man. You lose only that. He will be happy there in the happy hunting grounds of our fathers. The Great Spirit leaves all the other things and the memory of the son He has taken to His tepee.

We recognize our departed brothers and celebrate their lives.

NAMEClass YearZeta #OMEGA
Steven A. Ackerman19953784/3/07
S. Darryl Bailey1965ΣΩΤ 
Maurice “Marty” R. Baker19695212/2/20
Ryan Mitchell Barkan20004439/1/17
Robert E. BenoitUVM 19562411/18/20
Joseph G. Brown2000150 
David S. Bryson1983127 
Benny Burkett (Founder)1961ΣΩΤ5/25/10
Gregory J. Burton19841476/17/94
Richard P. Buskell1965ΣΩΤ4/7/20
James E. Carlton1967ΣΩΤ10/3/17
Van Courtney Crouch19713 
Francis Van Damme  5/5/03
Richard K. Damon1978727/20/01
Gordon “Tom” Dickinson197154/13/20
Curt Dotson1963ΣΩΤ6/1/05
Edward DrudeΣΩΤ10/29/20
R. McLean Duke, Jr.1961ΣΩΤ10/31/17
Howard C. “Nugget” Dunn, Jr.1964ΣΩΤ9/8/21
Thomas H. Eitt196917/11/04
J. Bart Evans (Founder)1961ΣΩΤ1/28/17
Kyle J. Facada20085464/14/21
Scott A. Feathers19851551985?
James B. Ferguson (Founder)1961ΣΩΤ2/3/03
George E. Gaulding, Jr.1967ΣΩΤ 
William K. Gerrish19701572/14/14
Dave “Trooper” Green1964 ΣΩΤ3/19/10
Gregory M. Hall1985148 
Ivan N. Hall19711610/31/21
Christian Walter Hammerle19892167/29/18
Duff Harley1960ΣΩΤ 
J. Edward Hurt1970ΣΩΤ 
Thomas Juskevich20014603/15/06
Mark Taylor Keffer19831324/19/20
Thomas W. Kirkpatrick1970ΣΩΤ 
George W. Lester IV19974012/27/23
Norman L. “Chip” Lowry III1966ΣΩΤ2/1/82
Gordon A. Mapp1968ΣΩΤ10/12/16
C. Michael Marshall1973222/18/17
Webby Noblin (Honorary) ΣΩΤ 
Aunt Alice Noblin (Honorary) ΣΩΤ 
Richard M. Quillen1976616/3/05
Gerald Marshall “Jerry” Reynolds1977824/16/21
J. Allen Roberts1965ΣΩΤ11/23/21
Frederick L. Robinson II 1966ΣΩΤ9/16/19
Aaron T. Ryan19943585/12/11
Sandy Sandt1964ΣΩΤ1989?
Walter R. Scherger19811306/7/05
John M. Serumgard200042112/13/05
Jeffrey T. Shiver19974089/13/16
Jonathan W. Stauffer199233012/23/16
Michael W. Stoner1963ΣΩΤ4/21/2020
Royal C. Thayer1973214/26/09
John G. Tizen19642522/15/14
Jonathan E. Trott198092 
Kenneth R. Wedding197315 
Benjamin M. Wenger2015702 9/17/17
Floyd M. Whetstone1964ΣΩΤ 

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