Lambda Chi Seeks Mentors

Pass your experience on to the next generation of Lambda Chis!

The Lambda Chi Alpha network is one of the most powerful in the world, with over 200,000 living alumni working in a variety of careers and professions that make a difference. Help the next generation of brothers expand their career horizons by providing your knowledge and experience to help them succeed.  

LCA Compass is an online networking tool designed to help brothers connect with brothers on topics related to personal and career development.  The online platform allows you to talk with members eager to learn about topics ranging from resume preparation and interview skills to career preparation and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

To activate your free online account…

  • Visit LCA One and register for your free account.  Follow instructions if you have not logged onto LCA One before.
  • Click on the Career Development link on the menu.
  • Open LCA Compass and register your account.  Already have a LinkedIn profile? You can import your profile to save time.  The more complete your profile, the higher the likelihood you will be matched with a brother interested in your area of expertise.
  • Select what kind of advice you’d like to give and when you can give advice.  The system allows you to customize your calendar to set limits on when you’re available.  
  • Wait for an undergraduate to match with you.  You will be notified via email and/or phone when the request comes.
  • Return to the platform as often as you’d like to find a mentor for yourself in our vast Lambda Chi Alpha network. LCA Compass is for your benefit, too. You can tap into the vast resource library to help you with any number of career-related questions.

New feature to LCA Compass – A tool to post your available job openings.  Help fill your company’s valuable openings with brothers who have proven leadership skills and talents.  Post your job today on LCA Compass and discover the vast talent pool that Lambda Chi Alpha offers in its membership.

Sign up and participate in LCA Compass today to help the next generation of brothers succeed! LCA Compass is a free career resource offered to all members by a generous grant from the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation. Questions:

Lambda Chi Partners with the JED Foundation

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Forms Partnership with The Jed Foundation (JED) to Offer Members an Online Mental Health Resource Center

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity is pleased to announce a partnership with The Jed Foundation (JED), a leading nonprofit that exists to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for our nation’s teens and young adults. Together they are launching Lambda Chi Alpha Lifeline, an online mental health resource center tailored from JED’s ULifeline website.

ULifeline provides college students with information about emotional health issues and the specific resources available on their campus. It also offers a confidential mental health self-screening tool.

“Many college students will experience periods of emotional distress and mental health challenges, and among college students, it is less common for men to seek help when they are struggling,” said John MacPhee, CEO of JED. “We are pleased to see an international fraternal organization like Lambda Chi Alpha supporting their members’ wellbeing and empowering them to know when and how to help themselves and each other with resources like Lambda Chi Alpha Lifeline.”

The average onset for many mental health conditions is the typical college age range of 18 to 24 years old. In fact, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, 75 percent of all individuals with an anxiety disorder will experience symptoms before age 22. Other students, who might not have clinical anxiety or depression, still suffer. 

Lambda Chi Alpha staff is eager to promote the importance of mental health to our members, something which we believe is an important topic to discuss.

“The partnership with the JED Foundation is an excellent opportunity for the fraternity,” said Lambda Chi Alpha Chief Operating Officer, Justin Fisher. “I believe their mission to protect the emotional health of and prevent suicide for young adults fits hand in hand with our mission to equip men to lead an ethical life of growth, service and leadership.

“Our hope is that Lambda Chi Alpha, through the help of the JED Foundation, can be a safe space where our members will have the resources and skills to help themselves and each other.”

To learn more about Lambda Chi Alpha Lifeline visit or