Alumni Chapter Officers

Elected October 2016 for a two year term and renewed in 2018 for a second term. They volunteered to extend their term during the pandemic until a new election can be held.


Barry Buschow ’72 ΣΛ25, President

Nathan Yingling ’07 ΣΛ521, Vice President

Sam Long ’72 ΣΛ12, Treasurer

Mike Moorefield ’73  ΣΛ31, Secretary

Jimmy John  ‘71  ΣΛ4, ΣΩΤ Officer


Jesse Harris ’00 ΣΛ429

Mike Whaley ’96 ΣΛ423


John DeBell ’68 ΣΩΤ

Jeff Gilliland ’86 ΣΛ167

Bruce Rogers ’64 ΣΛ250

Lee Smartshan ’02 ΣΛ499

Bill Thompson ’61 ΣΩΤ

Butch Webber ’63 ΣΛ253