Alumni Chapter Officers

Officers were elected in October 2016 for a two year term and renewed in 2018 for a second term. They volunteered to extend their term during the pandemic until a new election can be held in 2022.


Patrick Fisher ’89 ΣΛ224, President

Kurt Zuch ’90 ΣΛ280, Vice President

Chris Balish ’90 ΣΛ231, Treasurer

Mike Cox ’90  ΣΛ233, Secretary

Barry Buschow ’72 ΣΛ25, Immediate Past President


Scott Dubois ’91 ΣΛ260

Jeff Gilliland ’86 ΣΛ167

Michael Hendren ’89 ΣΛ217

Michael Moen ’88 ΣΛ218

Chris Munk ’90 ΣΛ241

Geoff Pope ’90 ΣΛ264


Kurt Baese ’89 ΣΛ222

Dave Blackwood ’90 ΣΛ227

Dave DeToffol ’87 ΣΛ165

Hans Wachmeister ’89 ΣΛ226

Tom Warburton ’94 ΣΛ318