Spring Picnic 2018

541744568.659402Following Rainy, our Pied Piper, back to Louis’ after getting kicked off the sod truck in 1975!

Louis and Ginger Brooking once again hosted Spring Picnic. We had a great time on Saturday, May 12, 2018 with brotherhood, food, wonderful weather, and plenty of beer.

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Who joined us, you ask?

Louis & Ginger Brooking
Matt Brooking
Barry & Kathy Buschow
John & Connie Debell
Gus & Betty Gee
Helen Eitt
David & Pauline Elliott
Tom Hanley
Bill Harksen
Denny Harvey & Theresa Stanley
Jim & Linda Harvey
JJ & Joyce John
Dave Jones
Woody & Carol Kessler
Tate & Claudette King
Lenny & Cindy Kosco
Frank Kopriver
Audrey Lawson
Sam & Sylvia Long
Pat Matus
Tim & Esther McDermott
Spud & Frances Mistr
Mike & Brenda Moorefield
Dennis & Linda Parsons
Sam & Dee Parsons
David & Ann Rice
Jenny Rivers
Bruce & Beth Rogers
Lee & Kelly Smartschan
Scott Tidey
Butch & Ludi Webber
John & Cindy Windsor

As of May 14, 2018