Following some discussion, the Alumni Chapter Board of Directors has decided information regarding the closure of the active chapter will only be communicated on this blog or through discussions by email, telephone, or in person with one of the officers. The Board will not post anything, nor respond to anything, posted on any social media platform. Summary information will be included in the next newsletter. The violations for which the chapter was found responsible is summarized in the March 11 Background post.

The Board is eager to maintain good relationships with both the University and the General Fraternity over the next several years and feel public discussions on social media platforms may present barriers toward achieving this goal. The Board also has decided not to circulate either a copy of the University’s investigative report or the Active Chapter’s response.

If you have additional comments or concerns, please submit a question from the form on the Connect link or send an email to one of the Alumni Chapter officers by clicking on their name under the About link.

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