DeBell Party

Spud Mistr, John Funkhouser, Bruce Reynolds, Butch Weber, Louis Brooking, Steve Teel, Matt Brooking (standing), John DeBell, Geo Camilier, and Joe Kincheloe (top to bottom and left to right)

Many Brothers gathered at John and Connie DeBell’s home for a party the evening before the Virginia Tech / WVU game. Eleven brothers got together for dinner and memories. John reports, “They came from Dallas, Idaho, New Jersey, and from across Virginia.  As we caught up on old times, it was the consensus of the group that during our time in the late 60’s, there were about 30 Brothers active in the Fraternity.  The fact that Ten Brothers out of a total Fraternity membership  of 30 were  present  50 years later is fairly significant. The wives of those brothers from Virginia also joined us.  As you can imagine, after dinner and a few drinks, all the stories  of our Fraternity life came out.  It was amazing what everyone remembered, though some of the stories certainly were enhanced with time.  Many of us went to the WVA game and tailgated together.”







Francis Mistr, Connie DeBell, Connie Kincheloe, Marylyn Funkhouser, Ginger Brooking and Ludi Webber (top to bottom and left to right). Ginger’s granddaughter, Olivia is seated (kind of) in her lap.



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